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Chapter 674 | Sasuke's Rinnegan → Team 7
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Naruto Storm Revolution-Samurai costumes

I think this is something beautiful!

New page will be late! (Part 54)

I don’t know when I will upload new page of Hokage and Medical Ninja. I deleted my new sketches because they were little boring and  the story was too much fast. I have to do them again!

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If Madara touches Sakura, he is really a dead man!

Go Naruto! Go Sasuke! Please save Sakura T_T

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Somebody please tell me if the news is true. I don’t want to believe it just yet. It’s too good to be true.

Yes, it is true :D

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taemin / dream girl era ~ requested by dubuwaffle

Taemin Best of Era: Everybody

SHINee World Concert III in Seoul 140309

cr: Fantasister

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OMG she is is so cute here. *___*

OMG she is is so cute here. *___*

"— If I were to die, I have to believe I wouldn’t mind dying.”